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The MINT laboratory is funded by the University of Angers, as well as the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Located within the Hospital Facility, the MINT laboratory consists of 40 researchers and PhD students with expertise in diverse fields including; colloids and interfaces physical-chemistry; galenic; chemical engineering for pharmaceutical formulation; biological research; and imaging. All our research is focused on the design of nano- and micro-scaled vectors for the delivery of therapeutics (encompassing proteins, anti-cancer drugs, DNA, SiRNA, etc.) and/or imaging probes.

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Academic training


Master 2 NanoPharma Nanomedicines and Pharmaceutical R&D


European Mundus Joint master Degree " Nanomedicine for drug delivery"

Recently published



NMR diffusometry: A new perspective for nanomedicine exploration

Franconi F, Lemaire L, Gimel JC, Bonnet S, Saulnier  P

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Magnetic and Highly Luminescent Heterostructures of Gd3+/ZnO Conjugated to GCIS/ZnS Quantum Dots for Multimodal Imaging

Lallo da Silva B, Lemaire L, Benoit JP, Hediger Borges F, Rocha Gonçalves R, Amantino CF, Primo FL and Aparecida Chiavacci L

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Galenic Lab-on-a-Chip concept for lipid nanocapsules production

Rolley N, Bonnin M, Lefebvre G, Verron D , Bargiel S, Robert L, Riou J, Simonsson C, Bizien T, Gimel J-C, Benoit J-P, Brotons G & Calvignac B

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Polymer-free hydrogel made of lipid nanocapsules, as a local drug delivery platform

 Pitorre M, Gazaille C, Le Thuy Trang Pham, Frankova K, Bejaud J, Lautram N, Riou J, Perrot R, Genevieve F, Moal V, Benoit JP & Bastiat G

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Characterization of Biological Material Adsorption to the Surface of Nanoparticles without a Prior Separation Step: a Case Study of Glioblastoma-Targeting Peptide and Lipid Nanocapsules

Gazaille C, Sicot M, Akiki M, Lautram N, Dupont A, Saulnier P, Eyer J & Bastiat G

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A new method to prepare microparticles based on an Aqueous Two-Phase system (ATPS), without organic solvents

Dumas F, Benoit JP, Saulnier P & Roger E

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Ferrocifen Loaded Lipid Nanocapsules: A Promising Anticancer Medication against Multidrug Resistant Tumors

Idlas P, Lepeltier E, Jaouen G & Passirani C

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Topical delivery of curcumin-loaded transfersomes gel ameliorated rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting NF-κβ pathway

Sana E , Zeeshan M , Ain QU, Khan AU, Hussain I, Khan S, Lepeltier E & Ali H

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New In Vitro Coculture Model for Evaluating Intestinal Absorption of Different Lipid Nanocapsules
Kaeokhamloed N, Roger E, Béjaud J, Lautram N, Manero F, Perrot R, Abbara C, Briet M and Legeay S

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Specificity of pharmacokinetic modeling of nanomedicines

LebretonV, Legeay S, Saulnier P & Lagarce F

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pH-Responsive Lipid Nanocapsules: A Promising Strategy for Improved Resistant Melanoma Cell Internalization

Pautu V, Lepletier E, MellingerA, Riou J, Debuigne A, Jérôme C, Clère N & Passirani C

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Effects of physical activity on cell-to-cell communication during type 2 diabetes: A focus on miRNA signaling

Foudi N & Legeay S

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Novel hybrid lipid nanocapsules loaded with a therapeutic monoclonal antibody – Bevacizumab – and Triamcinolone acetonide for combined therapy in neovascular ocular pathologies

María Lina Formica, Samuel Legeay, Jérôme Bejaud, Guillermo Gabriel Montich, Gabriela Verónica Ullio Gamboa, Jean-Pierre Benoit, Santiago Daniel Palma

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Vasculogenic mimicry, a complex and devious process favoring tumorigenesis – Interest in making it a therapeutic target

Lucas Treps, Sébastien Faure, Nicolas Clere

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Dietary sodium restriction sex specifically impairs endothelial function via mineralocorticoid receptor-dependent reduction in NO bioavailability in Balb/C mice

Faulkner JL, Harwood D, Kennard S, Antonova G, Clere N and Belin de Chantemele EJ

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p722 ferrocifen loaded lipid nanocapsules improve survival of murine xenografted-melanoma via a potentiation of apoptosis and an activation of CD8+ T lymphocytes

Solene Topin-Ruiz, Adelie Mellinger, Elise Lepeltier, Clara Bourreau, Juliette Fouillet, Jeremie Riou, Gerard Jaouen, Ludovic Martin, Catherine Passirani, Nicolas Clere

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Neuroprotective effects of Myricetin on Epoxiconazole-induced toxicity in
F98 cells

Hiba Hamdi, Salwa Abid-Essefi, Joel Eyer

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“All in One” Epoxy-Based Microfluidic Chips at Your Fingertips

Simon Raffy, Etienne Palleau, Brice Calvignac, Guillaume Brotons, Guillaume Lefebvre, Nicolas Rolley, Sébastien Teychene, Bernard Viguier, Sara Castaño Cerezo, Gilles Truan, and Laurence Ressier

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Microbiota and cancer: In vitro and in vivo models to evaluate nanomedicines

Abdallah Ladaycia, Brigitta Loretz, Catherine Passirani, Claus-Michael Lehr, Elise Lepeltier

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SPION and doxorubicin-loaded polymeric nanocarriers for glioblastoma theranostics

Edurne Luque-Michel, Laurent Lemaire & Maria J. Blanco-Prieto

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