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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles

CARNANOMED : Characterization of nanomedicines

The Carnanomed (Characterization of nanomedicines) research program aims to equip the Micro and Translational Nanomedicine (Mint) laboratory with two cutting-edge methodologies essential to the production of nanomedicines.

With the financial support (€649,000) of  Angers Loire Métropole, the Pays de la Loire Region, Inserm and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) as part of the 2021-2027 State-Region Plan Contract.

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Analytical chemistry system.



The laboratory is now equipped with a state-of-the-art analytical chemistry system.

This new equipment will enable nanomedicine formulations to be better characterised and even purified very quickly.






The second piece of equipment is a high-performance system for separating nanoparticle suspensions (A4F), which was delivered last June. 

It can better detect small synthetic or biological nanoparticles and separate them according to size, which are then analysed separately using in-line detectors (light scattering, refractometer and spectrophotometer).