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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles

Separated by coma

MicroCED+: A Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer funded project

MicroCED+ : In order to overcome biological barriers and improve the local delivery of drugs for the treatment of solid brain tumors such as glioblastoma, we propose to develop and test the functionality of an original and innovative concept. The MicroCED device has to be per-operatively implantable (after the tumor resection), biocompatible and compliant with magnetic resonance imaging techniques. Our 3D printed device will ensure an immediate and prolonged drug delivery with no backflow, and larger distribution volumes compared to locoregional approaches such as convection enhanced delivery or polymeric implants used in clinic. The main expected benefits are: (i) theability to deliver, on-demand, anti-tumor treatments just after the surgery,(ii) the possible use of drugs not deliverable by the systemic way, and (iii) the ability to be used on the mid-term or long-term to react to recurrence or tumoral resistance.This rational strategy coupled with in vitro validation, will be used to design an optimal device which will then be preclinically validated on animal models.This project that focuses on infusion characteristics will constitute a major step to go further toward clinical applications.

Therachip device used in this MicroCED+ prject granted by "La fondation ARc pour la recherche sur le cancer"

Details on the device can be found on the SATT-Ouest valorisation web site or directly on the patent.