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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles
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Mr Vincent PAUTU - Nouveau Docteur de l'Université d'AngersAmphi Simone Veil, 14h30

Titre : Steath and pH-sensitive lipid nanocapsules : targeting the tumor microenvironment of melanoma

Directeur de Thèse: Pr Catherine Passirani

Co-directrice de thèse : Christine Jérôme

Abstract: Tumor acidity has been shown to play a major role in resistance to chemotherapy. The use of nanomedicines, as lipid nanocapsules (LNC), allows to protect drugs from this acidic environment. They can also improve the biodistribution of therapeutics and to target the tumor environment. The aim of this thesis concerns the evaluation and characterization of stealth and pH-sensitive LNC in the context of melanoma. Firstly, these works consisted in characterizing the vascularization of human and mice melanoma. These studies allowed to compare different tumors (density, size and structure), and determine if the used of nanocarrier is suitable in the context of melanoma. The second part of this thesis described the development and the characterization of new copolymers, combining stealth and pH-sensitive properties. These copolymers, composed of N-vinylpyrrolidone (NVP) and vinylimidazole, were synthesized by RAFT polymerization and were post-inserted onto LNC surface. These modifications allowed to obtain charge reversal nanocarriers, leading to increase their melanoma cell uptake under acid pH. Finally, biodistribution of these modified nanoparticles was studied in vivo and highlighted the interest of NVP in the development of stealth nanocarriers. To conclude, the developed copolymers able to extend nanocarrier circulation time and to provide pH-responsive properties which should increase the tumor internalization of LNC in vivo and potentiate the effect of anticancer drugs.



Keywords: Nanoparticle, melanoma, polymer, pH.