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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles
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Mme Chithdavone HER - nouvelle docteure de l'Université d'AngersAmphi Germain, 14h30

Titre : Entrapment of Curcumin loaded lipid nanocapsules into muco-adhesive gel for oral administration

Directeur de Thèse: Pr Marie-Claire Venier-Julienne

Co-directrice de thèse : Dr Emilie Roger


the aim of this phD work was to develop a muco-adhesive gel entrapping curcumin loaded lipid nanocapsules (LNCs). The objective was to improve the bioavailability of curcumin by its solubilization into LNCs entrapped into a gel to increase intestinal absorption. Firstly, Transcutol®HP and Kolliphor® HS15 were identified as suitable excipients to formulate LNCs with a sufficient solubility of curcumin. Two formulations of curcumin LNCs were proposed:Transcutol®HP/Labrafac®WL1349/Labrafil® M1944CS or Captex®8000, which form the core of particles. The Transcutol®HP formulation was optimized to obtain 63nm particles with a narrow distribution (PdI=0.17) and 92% of encapsulation efficiency. Particles with a mean diameter of 57nm and PdI<0.1 were obtained with Captex®8000. Nevertheless, for both formulations, purification is still a critical step to solve. A cylindrical sodium alginate gel, suitable for capsule insertion, was developed. The swelling behavior of gels has been studied in vitro in biomimetic media. A difference was revealed between freeze-dried and native gels.

Finally, two dyes were encapsulated into LNCS to follow the preservation of particle integrity by Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) during gel formulation process. LNCs remained intact during the gelation step and gel ability to entrap LNCs was shown.

 Key words:

Curcumin, Lipid nanocapsules, Muco-adhesive gel, dodium alginate