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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles
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Two assistant-professors are joining MINT

After graduating as a PharmD, Camille (camille.savary @ a Master Degree in 'Toxicology, Environnement & Health' in Paris, and gained a PhD in toxicology from Rennes University. Interested in studying the toxicological effects of drugs, especially pesticides related toxicity in NUMECAM Lab Camille is now joining MINT as associated professor. She will naturally emphasis the biological effects induced by the nanometerials tailored in the lab.

Guillaume (guillaume.lefebvre @ a Master degree in 'Innovative technologies in formulation' from Angers University. He then moved to South of France, in RAPSODEE lab  'Ecole des Mines d'Albi' where he gained a PhD in 'Genie des procédés'. With a double skill in physico-chemistry and process engineering, he will naturally contributes to the development of innovative and low energy processes for micro and nanomedecines formulation, including processes based on CO2 or microfluidics technologies.