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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles

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Synthesis of PDMS‑b‑POEGMA Diblock Copolymers and TheirApplication for the Thermoresponsive Stabilization of Water-Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Emulsions

Legout P, Lefebvre G, Bonnin M, Gimel JC, Benyahia L, Colombani O and Calvignac B.


Aqueous Two-Phase Systems: simple one-step process formulationand phase diagram for characterisation

Dumas F, Roger E, Rodriguez J, Benyahia L & Benoit JP


Lipid Nanoparticles Vectorized with NFL‑TBS.40‑63 Peptide Target Oligodendrocytes and Promote Neurotrophin‑3 Effects After Demyelination In Vitro

Fressinaud C, Thomas O, Umerska AM & Saulnier P


Novel hybrid lipid nanocapsules loaded with a therapeutic monoclonal antibody –Bevacizumab– and Triamcinolone acetonide for combined therapy in neovascular ocular pathologies

Formica ML, Legeay S, Bejaud J, Montich GG, Ullio Gamboa GV, Benoit JP, Palma SD


Multidisciplinary Preclinical Investigations on Three Oxamniquine Analogues as Novel Drug Candidates for Schistosomiasis

Buchter V,  Ong Y C, Mouvet F, Ladaycia A, Lepeltier E, Rothlisberger U, Keiser J, and Gasser G


Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer

Clère N, Renault S, Corre I

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Residual Solvents in Nanomedicine and Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems: a Case Study to Better Understand Processes
Dikpati A, Mohammadi F, Greffard K, Quéant C, Arnaud P, Bastiat G, Rudkowska I & Bertrand N.