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Micro et Nanomédecines translationnelles

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“All in One” Epoxy-Based Microfluidic Chips at Your Fingertips

Simon Raffy, Etienne Palleau, Brice Calvignac, Guillaume Brotons, Guillaume Lefebvre, Nicolas Rolley, Sébastien Teychene, Bernard Viguier, Sara Castaño Cerezo, Gilles Truan, and Laurence Ressier

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Microbiota and cancer: In vitro and in vivo models to evaluate nanomedicines

Abdallah Ladaycia, Brigitta Loretz, Catherine Passirani, Claus-Michael Lehr, Elise Lepeltier

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SPION and doxorubicin-loaded polymeric nanocarriers for glioblastoma theranostics

Edurne Luque-Michel, Laurent Lemaire & Maria J. Blanco-Prieto

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